ZALAB - Projects for a better world


ZALAB is a long-term oriented parent company of projects that aim at mitigating world problems & existential risks in a prioritized manner by monitoring the world's needs. Strategically solving and finding solutions to the root problems. Advancing the world forward using the “tools” such as science, philosophy, technology, psychology, entrepreneurship etc. Optimizing for creating a foundation that will affect everything else in a positive way. The mission is to make the biggest positive impact that we possibly can. Targeting the areas that would bring the greatest value to the world.

Rooted in fulfilling human potential and people’s ikigai by organizing social systems in such a way that leads them to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy where self-actualization resides. We are curious open-minded explorers who have questions on a lifelong learning quest of finding answers and better ways of doing things. Experimentation, critical/questioning mind, rational reasoning and creativity are some of the things that are fundamental. We aim to question and rethink the way we do things for the better. Further read on company culture.

four circles of different connected systems creating the world. Societal systems, Individual, Challenges in the world and opportunities/tools.

Reasoning behind the projects that we are currently working on and why we think it is the best thing that we can do at the moment.

Upcoming Startups

ZALAB FoodTech

ZALAB FoodTech - Modernizing food industry with sustainability in mind.


The team

Axo Sal (Azamat Salakhov) - Co-founder and CEO

Peter Wiker - Co-founder